Ghatam Karthick | Heartbeat Ensemble


  life’s musical rhythm

          Aptly named indicating the fundamental rhythm of life, HEARTBEAT is a professional musical ensemble performing Indian Classical Music, with lot of percussion accent and approach. Dr. Ghatam Karthick leads, conducts and orchestrates the ensemble and maintains the vision of incorporating the new dimension to the contemporary style of art. The consequence is an inventive performing style, without compromise in traditional values of Indian rhythm diversity, involving conventional and current percussion from around the world.

          The HEARTBEAT ENSEMBLE’s efforts have been commended & blessed by many legendary percussionists, senior artistes and noted critics. The present generation stars and a host of artiste colleagues also have highly praised the ensemble’s efforts. Heartbeat plans each performance befitting the occasion & event weaving the magic of melody and rhythm to create entertaining presentations. Heartbeat has performed all over India, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bahrain.

          HEARTBEAT is extremely focused to reveal the depths of application of Indian Classical Rhythm of our Indian Music and its improvisation and beyond. In spite of the complex nature of the material presented, the group employs an easy relaxed conversational approach throughout the concert, which makes the presentation most enjoyable.

          Heartbeat has enthralled audiences with its perfect synchronization, amazing technique and instinctive originality, presenting innovative thought progressions blending both contemporary and traditional approaches, to take our Indian music to greater heights.  Heartbeat has introduced our musical concepts in an articulate expressive way to Connoisseurs blending dexterity and finesse in presenting intricate rhythmic designs.        

          Heartbeat concerts have not only earned the appreciation of the common man, but also have been endorsed by critics as well. Both the Press and Public have appreciated the group’s efforts. In short, it has touched the hearts of global listeners, presenting the fine art of improvisation conveying Laya to Layman.